Our range of painting services is designed and delivered to suit your needs and desires for an attractive home. From first contact to the final walk-through, our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality and best customer service every step of the way.

Brad Vongphrachanh


My name is Brad Vongphrachanh. I am the owner and operator of Bradley Paint Company. I grew up in Everett/Lynnwood and I am a proud graduate of Mariner High School (Go Blue!). I attended college but quickly found out that I learn much better through hands-on experience. I started Bradley Paint Company in 2017 with nothing but a 1995 Silverado truck, a paint brush and some simple tools. Through hard work and dedication, anything is possible and I am proof of it.

Some of my hobbies include hanging out with my wonderful fiancé, Christine. We are to be married in August of 2021. We enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, and the frequent couples-rivalry/banter.

My job at Bradley Paint Company is to oversee the success of each interaction we have with you, our clients. I will provide you with an in-home consultation, formal quote, and am available for any questions that you may have. You will also see me physically working on your home, training our newer teammates and learning how we can continue to better serve you.

My favorite part of my job is first, meeting new people. Getting to know people is a passion of mine and I genuinely love learning what makes people tick, their interests, their hobbies, etc. But of course, at the end of the day, I love seeing the look on our clients faces when they see how beautifully we’ve transformed their home.

Fun Fact: My brother is also a painter except he paints airplanes at a company that starts with a B and rhymes with Oeing.

Kristjan Porter


My name is Kristjan “Bubba” Porter. My grandparents started calling me Bubba when I was born and it just stuck. I grew up in Mill Creek where I graduated from Henry M. Jackson High School. After high school I worked for Pizza Hut as a delivery person (thank you for the tips) but then I found my way to Bradley Paint!

During my off-time, I enjoy attending sporting events, playing video games and working on my Camaro.

I originally started at Bradley Paint in April of 2020. I had recently quit my job at Pizza Hut and was looking for something fun and new.

My job includes planning your project and relaying information to our leadership team. I also assist in the prep and painting of your home including all prep procedures and using all equipment and tools to apply the right paints to your project.

My favorite part of my job is chatting with new people and seeing our finished product. Seeing what we can do with some hard work never gets old.

Connor Douglas


My name is Connor Douglas. I was originally born in the small-town of Toledo, WA but moved to Everett, WA in 2004 where I went to school K-12. I graduated from Mariner High School. After high school I worked a few odd jobs including for Bradley Paint. I decided to join the Marine Corp as a reservist which led me to leaving the company for a short period of time but I’ve found my way back!

When I’m not working, I like to play with my black lab, Mika. Feel free to follow her on Instagram (mika_pnw). I also do a lot of hikes and random adventures.

I originally started with Bradley Paint in June of 2019. It was new and fun being outdoors and I really enjoyed breaking a sweat so it was perfect. I help our team be efficient in the prep and painting of houses which includes scraping paint, moving ladders, and doing miscellaneous tasks.

My favorite part of my job is seeing the transformation of homes, whether it’s inside or outside. They always look really different from when we start on a project.

Fun Fact: My job in the Marine Corp is as a rigger. I pack parachutes and every month, they have us test the chutes that we pack by jumping out of perfectly fine airplanes with them.

Jordan Clark


My name is Jordan Clark. I was born and raised in Marysville, WA in Snohomish County. I graduated from Marysville High School and post high-school I joined the Army. After the Army, I attended a trade school to learn the art of painting and wall-coverings.

In my free time I enjoy reading, napping, and hunting for the best ramen restaurant in town. It’s in the University District, if you were wondering.

I’ve worked at Bradley Paint since April of 2018. I was one of the first hires that the company made. The second, to be exact. My job includes working with our team to prep and paint the interior and exterior of your home. You’ll find me high and low, doing whatever it takes to leave you with a quality finished product.

My favorite part about working in the painting industry would have to be the opportunity to work individually as well as within a team to complete a project. Walking away from a finished product is always fun to physically see as well.

Fun Fact: I love watching 1960’s sitcoms!

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